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Javier Martinez

I am an Industrial Engineer with a Master's Degree in Business Administration, who has more than 25 years of experience in the Graphic Industry and is passionate about good practices and quality in it. My career path has led me to occupy supervisory and management positions in the areas of quality assurance and production and as an Instructor for UILMAC and CANAGRAF. In 2004 he founded the company EPI Training and Consulting, a firm specialized in training and consulting in graphic arts. Since 2007, at the invitation of Novartis Pharmaceutical, he has collaborated as an exhibitor in the area of identification of counterfeit medicine packages, training various authorities in Mexico and Latin America, and I have also been an expert in printing and finishing on several occasions by the National Chamber of Industry. of Graphic Arts and Technical Expert in Printing by the Mexican Accreditation Entity, I have given conferences both in Mexico and Latin America and  I have collaborated as a Jury in various quality contests of the graphic industry such as TheobaldodeNigris.

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Topics that I have developed in my professional life

Graphic Arts, Finance, ISO 9000, Total Quality, Reengineering, Statistical Control of Processes, Methods and Procedures, Times and Movements, Taguchi Methodology, Manufacturing Systems, Cost Accounting, Logistics, Sales, Resources and Human Development, Administration, Quality, etc.  Among the topics that have been mentioned, I will leave listed here those associated with printers or graphic designers

Color management

Offset: quality control, how to make the perfect pdf (designers)

Computer to plate: selection

Operation and optimization

Basic course of inks for offset printing,

Offset printing inks

Main adjustments and maintenance of the offset press,

Offset press settings,  

Most common problems in offset printing, quality control of supplies

Densitometry and color measurement (1),  

Use and optimization of densitometric functions (2) dot gain - trapping - drag - gray balance tone error

Paper and its handling in printing

Prepress basics

Introduction to graphic arts and offset

Checking a sheetfed offset press, pressures and printing unit

Techniques, materials and application of ultraviolet varnishes

Offset transfer and application - blankets and plates - types of varnishes and their compounds

Preventive maintenance of offset machines

What every designer should know about offset printing (designers)

Basic statistical tools

Statistical processes control


Stochastic screening,  

Finishing and binding, importance and control of the source solution

Aboriginal printing: its prevention and control

Quoting and Costing Basics for Offset Printing

Sales basics of printing.


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I propose

Promote the integral development of personnel, and consequently the development of the organization and promote and strengthen the technical knowledge necessary for the best performance of work activities, through training.

Work on quality as a premise for productivity and the achievement of good results in the graphic industry of today towards the future, allowing space for productive transformation and innovation.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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