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Ines Briceño

I am an industrial engineer, with knowledge in polymers and passionate about research in the graphic industry environment, its processes and resources, and I have worked as a process engineer, the development of new products, process standardization and technical support to the sellers, with an emphasis on flexography, in my native country Venezuela. Who thinks that each difficulty is an opportunity to look forward and propose transformations that allow the advancement of the industry from its present to the future in productive environments with high quality standards, attention to the public and rigorous processes to obtain the best results.


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What i propose

Visualizing the graphic industry of the future from my point of view would imply working on topics such as:

  • QA.

  • Standardization and automation of processes.

  • Documentation of entry and return of inks, to obtain high-level quality standards

  • Packaging:  The development of new products for packaging according to the needs of the clients and the technical structures of the production processes, establishing processes and actions for the analysis of the behavior of structures in the conversion process (packaging conformation).

  • Client: validation of limitations  of the process to offer to customers.

  • Polymers: It would be important to obtain knowledge on the behavior of low-density, high-density and linear polymers and perform analyzes to propose the solution of problems in the behavior of polymers in the extrusion process.  by blowing.

  • Flexography: Analysis for Lean Manufacturing application in the flexographic printing process and the handling of flexographic printing ink systems.  

  • Vendor: technical support to vendors in learning flexography and polyethylene structures.

What i have done

Some of the processes and activities  most outstanding​ that I have done in my professional life within the graphic industry are:

  • Prepress (Standardization of cliché assembly, documentation  of inks  regarding color reproducibility and repeatability).

  • Development of new flexographic packaging products, development of packaging dimensions.

  • Production management area, Extrusion by blow and Flexographic printing and packaging conversion.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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