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Alfredo Polo

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I propose

My journey leads me to propose the importance that in the graphic industry from the present to the future the  Articulation between creativity, customer support, technical-technological processes, continuous transformation and innovation, reaffirming and fostering the relationship between the creative-designer, prepress and print production so that a collaborative work and  the need to see the measurement of color and the use of the equipment for it, as a strength and opportunity to develop a good interaction with design and its interpretation, which allows generating hybrid actions where the vital relationship between Art and Technology very important element in the context of the graphic industry and its evolution


Taking into account the above, it is proposed to also think about the following issues for a graphics industry that sees from the present to the future: The large format as a business. The large format indoors and outdoors. New trends in large format, ecological inks for large format. Cost benefit in sales and distribution of the large format, digital printing. Color management and trends. Principles of digital printing, its uses and future. Digital inkjet printing and electrophotography for packaging. Printing process (its uses and trends in the graphic industry with a view to the future). Packing (digital printing). Direct vertical printing. Raw Materials - printing systems. Online Printing (its characteristics, uses and trends). Personalization of the service offer. Portfolios for contingencies. An industry that becomes essential. Marketing. The graphic industry vs other industries (Textile). Color management vs design - photography - art workflows vs production process.


What I have done

My professional experience is approximately 40 years or a little more, she has developed both in the public and private sector of my native country Mexico.


In the public sector I worked in the Secretary of Agriculture and Hydraulic Resources, where I had the opportunity to create the drawing areas which evolved to meet the audiovisual needs, publications, statistical graphics and design in general.


From the private sector I have developed from the world of freelance, employee of a company and finally as an entrepreneur. This tour allowed me to generate and develop the corporate image of some 45 small and medium-sized companies in sectors such as food, industrial, cosmetics, health, electrical, security and others, after that I started the path in the graphic arts in companies in companies such as Editorial Libre México, Central de Process Seda Graf and Graphic Principles, which led me to evolve the concept of Graphic Industry through the company Tags Rodak and later in Baumgarten Mexico, positions and actions were structured and developed that allowed to generate innovative processes and with a view to the future, being they are the creation of the pre-press area manager of this area, digital printing, screen printing, offset, shrink  procedural manuals, combination of analog and digital processes, work on consistency of color and shape, taking into account  which is the appropriate impression according to the client's need.


As an entrepreneur, a company is created that establishes from the advertising concept the relationship of the design area and different printing systems and uses of materials, emphasizing those associated with promotional items and the textile world, printing systems therefore that are They use are digital printing, screen printing, sublimation, pad printing, embroidery, vinyl and sandblas.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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