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🇩🇪 Ing. Rainer Wagner 🇨🇷

“Transforming rigid, slow and unproductive Latin graphic companies of the commercial printing segment for years in decline towards highly creative, innovative, agile, fast, flexible and highly productive organizations in digital marketing services and packaging printing businesses to position them in their new market (post Covid) - YOUR CUSTOMERS . "

  🇩🇪 UPSKILLING program for graphic companies 🇩🇪

The program is developed through Virtual Upskilling Sessions in small groups, with a duration of 60 minutes per session - one to four sessions, being Interactive LIVE ,  on the following topics:


   Leadership in transition and transformation • Have a “Digital Mind • Artificial Intelligence AI in the graph • Digital data
     AI pre press, print, finishing, HR, digital marketing and CRM

   Increased productivity in offset, flexo, digital production • Standardized press costs • External production control
     by IA and OEE • Reduction of control to the presser

   Optimal offset ink / water balance • Optimal speed • Optimal ink loading • Format control • Quick changes
     OEE ( Overall Equipment Efficiency )

   Clean Production PL (ISO 14,000) • EE Energy Efficiency (ISO 50,000) • Manage natural resources (Air, Water) • Printing
     sustainable • Sustainable products • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

   Digital color • Colorimetry • ICC profiles • Application and evaluation of spectral values

   Technical English

WORKSHOPS PACKAGING in 4 sessions of 60 minutes,  INTERACTIVE LIVE - only small groups - that achieve, by their n in practical application, the increase in PRODUCTIVITY and business PROFITABILITY:
   Upskilling Workshop # 1: "Transformation of the Packaging Company"
   Upskilling Workshop # 2: "Basic Packaging Training"
   Upskilling Workshop # 3: "Standardizations for Production"

   Upskilling Workshop # 4: "Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Recent Graphic Production"


Teaching the "Upskilling Workshop Standardizations" in person Technical University of Peru UTP,
Postgraduate Extension, Lima (before Covid).

🇩🇪 UPSKILLING Program for Graphic Professionals 🇩🇪

It is developed by means of "2022 Improvement Manuals" and optional "German Improvement Certification"

to update and certify the new professional labor competencies of the present:

    Transformation Manual , Edition 22, in PDF

    Manual Offset, Edition 22, in PDF

    Color Manual, Edition 22, in PDF

    Manual Ink, Varnish, Food Packaging, Edition 22, in PDF

    Increased Productivity Manual , Edition 22, in PDF

    Standardization Manual , Edition 22, in PDF








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